29 Apr


Naina & Jorge were married in Kent, April 26th, 2019, with their reception the following evening at Kent Event Center.

Their ceremony was a Nepali-style Indian wedding, it looked and felt very much like you were in Nepal or India.  From the colorful outfits to the oil lamps and a small wood fire, to the traditional foods served for lunch, it was liked being transported halfway around the world.

The reception the following day was held at a local, modern wedding venue. The men wore dark dress suits, while the women wore beautiful, traditional Indian garments. The ceremony and the reception were two totally different worlds – the old world and the new.

Many Thanks to Naina and Jorge for allowing me to photograph and videograph their wedding, and trusting me to document a culture that I have to admit, I didn’t fully understand. However, I was totally accepted and given a front row seat to witness their traditions with guests and family members, for both the ceremony and reception.