We Love Doing Seattle Wedding Photography!

Seattle Wedding Photography!

Couples who choose Marius Photography agree: Marius and his team are the Seattle wedding photographers with big hearts. This isn’t just business for us. We have a passion for capturing the special moments in a creative way, as the photographer for your engagement session, on the day of the wedding, and as the videographer getting the unique shots from above. Only view the many photos in this wedding photography portfolio, and you’ll know how deeply we care about our work, and how deeply we care about you.

Marius Photography Testimonials

Marius Photography Rating:
5 out of 5 with 42 ratings

Marius is the best photographer in all of Washington state and I along with many other stand by that. I hired him for my wedding on June of this year and I couldn't believe the work he did for our wedding. My wife and I were blown away by his work and he is very professional,knowledgeable, courteous, and an extremely great person to work with. His wife also works with him and she is just as great they are the best photographers in all of Washington State in my opinion. My wife and I plan to work with them for many more years.

— Vadar & Sindis